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This coat is designed to be worn as if it were a piece of fabric. It combines traditional double-faced fabric with a fluffy and warm feel with a modern design that makes extensive use of lamination technology and laser cutting. The waist and cuffs can be adjusted, so you can enjoy changing not only the fit but also the silhouette. The unique waist flap emphasizes the layered look, and when combined with the M03KPB, it can also be used as a feeder, adding a playful touch. It also has many pockets, making it very practical. This item expresses the wonder of overlapping.

W.face melton

70% wool

18% polyester

7% nylon

Acrylic 5%


Shipped in early September
  •   1 2 3


    112 116 120
    Chest 137 145 153
    waist 137 145 153
    sleeve 80 84 88
    cuff 16 16.5 17