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open collar shirt


A minimal open-collar shirt.

Crafted from a stretchy knit material, this design connects the front and back panels in a flat, seamless design.

This design, with minimal cut and transitions, offers a non-stressful and comfortable feel, capturing the essence between a kimono and Western clothing.

Additionally, the chest pocket is seamlessly tailored using the latest technology, adding a simple yet stylish accent.

Suitable for unisex wear.


A simple and flat 2D design that connects the front and back panels seamlessly.

When worn, it allows a gentle flow of air between the body and fabric, creating a boxy 3D silhouette.

open collar shirt

SKU: 003石垣
Color: Black
  • Polyester: 55% Cotton: 45%

  • SIZE 着丈 胸囲 胴囲 裄丈
    XXS-XS 65.5 116 116 53
    S-M 69.5 120 120 55
    L-XL 73.5 124 124 57