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straight pants


A minimalistic pair of straight pants.

Crafted from a highly stretchable knit material, each leg is cut from a single piece with a design that eliminates sewn seams on the outer side of each leg.

This model, with minimized stitching and transitions, encapsulates the results of the maker's experimentation and research. By stripping away commonplace details, we have achieved the ultimate in minimalism and comfort.

The fabric's elegant texture lends simplicity with a distinct presence.

Suitable for unisex wear. Highly recommended.


Utilizing advanced pattern-making techniques to express the body section with a single piece of fabric.

By eliminating seam allowances, it brings about a clean silhouette and improved comfort.

straight pants

SKU: 007静岡
Color: Black
  • Rayon: 57% Nylon: 37% Polyurethane: 6%

  • SIZE ウエスト 股上 股下
    XXS-XS 59-77 29 66
    S-M 68-86 30 70
    L-XL 77-95 31 74