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tailored jacket


A minimalistic tailored jacket.

Crafted from a highly stretchable knit material, the body is cut from a single piece with a design that eliminates any sewn seams entirely.

The body section, expressed with a single piece of fabric, combines a comfortable fit with a soft material, creating a jacket with just the right amount of space and a non-stressful, new perspective.

Ideal for stress-free indoor wear, it is also recommended for remote work.

Suitable for unisex wear.


Utilizing advanced pattern-making techniques to express the body section with a single piece of fabric.

By eliminating seam allowances, it brings about a clean silhouette and improved comfort.

tailored jacket

SKU: 006羽田
Color: Black
  • Rayon: 57% Nylon: 37% Polyurethane: 6%

  • SIZE 着丈 肩幅 胴囲 袖丈
    XXS-XS 69 41 105 59
    S-M 73 45 113 61
    L-XL 77 49 121 63